LDM 94WT Wireless System for Saxophone

LDM 94WT Wireless System for Saxophone

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LDM 94 Wireless Dynamic Mic for Sax & Trombone

Today, many saxophonists are playing with a very high sound level and/or loud attack. With these musicians in mind, SD Systems developed a mic with a dynamic element. If you need a warmer and less bright sound, with less of the upper high frequencies of the LCM89 type, try the LDM94. It can handle far-reaching sound pressure levels. It is shock free mounted. The clamp and mic have black finishing.

The tripod-mounted wireless transmitter operates on a rechargeable battery that offer more than 8 hours of playing time on a single charge. And, switch channels and frequencies is a snap due to the ACT system of the receiver.

Mic-type : dynamic capsule
Polar pattern cardioid-unidirectional
Frequency response: 70-15.000 Hz
Sensitivity : -83 dB
Output impedance 200 Ohm
Max Sound pressure level: 155 dB
For trombone : bend the 3 legs outwards

SD Systems is world's finest manufacturer of instrument microphones, covering all acoustical instruments. In the Jazz field our mics have become the standard. They illuminate your inspiration live on stage and in the studio field, giving you freedom of movement and pure natural sound reproduction.

SDS mics are highly appreciated by truly dedicated musicians and technicians, because of the flat frequency response, uncolored sound and the perfect shock-mounts.

Herb Alpert plays LCM77, Jeff Kashiwa (Rippingtons & John Tesh) plays LDM94 & LCM70, Terence Blanchard plays LCM77, Marcus Miller plays LCM82B & LCM80EW, John Helliwell (Supertramp) plays LCM82 & LCM80 & LDM94, Michael Davis (Rolling Stones Horn section) plays LDM94.

SD brings out the best in your performance!