LCM 85W Wireless Condenser Microphone System for Saxophone

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SD Systems' most popular condenser mic for saxophone, the EL-85 is now available in a compact wireless setup!


This is the same mic capsule as the well-known gold LCM-89 (David Sanborn and Stan Getz) and the LCM-85, but mounted on a gooseneck with a built-in wireless transmitter.


Easy programmable & compact receiver. The 515 series receiver has a dual-tuner true-diversity circuitry and delivers professional performance worldwide. It has a metal chassis and dual-color, backlit LCD displays and is easy & intuitive to program. 80 preset channels in the 24 MHz band (500 MHz range). 8 user-defined, auto-scanned, interference free channels can be saved for 8 musicians on stage with frequencies, allowed in the USA as well as in most European countries.


  • No cables to your belt, easy to clip on the instrument and change instruments using one mike.
  • High End specifications, pure natural sound
  • Long battery life, rechargeable cell
  • Very compact transmitter attached to clamp under the bell
  • Suitable for wind AND brass instruments.
  • Clamp system following the rim shape
  • Sturdy gooseneck giving ultimate positioning of the mic
  • Mic shock free mounted to avoid key-rumble
  • Compact carrying case included

 Included in the box:

  • Wireless mic with built-in transmitter
  • Receiver with range-extending antennas
  • Rechargable battery with charging cable
  • Windscreen

Receiver Specs:

  • Backlit LCD displays group, channel, frequency RF & audio strength, A/B antenna, transmitter battery status, interference warning indicator & panel lock.
  • Backlit LCD is lit in green when signal is received or button pressed. Backlit LCD is lit in red when no signal or button pressed. Easy to identify working mode (green) and standby mode (red) during performance.
  • Balanced XLR / unbalanced 1/4 " audio output jack, output level switch and DC input are on the rear panel.
  • UHF PLL-synthesized technology for enhanced RF stability, lowered spurious emissions and increased frequency agility. One-touch Autoscan for a clear, interference-free channel.
  • 80 preset condition-free channels and 8 user-defined channels can be saved & recalled
  • Adjustable ‘SQ’ for higher sensitivity to increase receiving distance or lower sensitivity to reduce interference.
  • Adjust SQ when Interference warning indicator is lit for ideal sensitivity level