LCM 83 Bassoon

LCM 83 Bassoon

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LCM 83 for Bassoon

The bassoon produces a quite low sound volume and this sound is coming from many places due to the open keys. In addition to this, the volume of the mechanical and fingering sound is also very high. The LCM83 mic system eliminates all these problems!
The LCM83 is developed to amplify the true natural sound of the Bassoon, one of the instruments in an orchestra which is very difficult to amplify. You will get a perfect reproduction of the whole sound spectrum of the instrument. The top mic is attached in a way that it suppresses the harsh sound coming from the bell. The mid mic amplifies the lower part of the instrument.

Double Mic Systems
SD Systems designs each microphone system especially for the specific instrument, picking up the complete sound spectrum in the right way. The mics are fixed on the best acoustical places. Extensive research has been done to find out, which sound patterns each instrument produces, which sort of element matches the specific instrumental sound and where to position the elements.
The instruments that are mentioned below produce their sound over a wide range and two elements are absolutely necessary in order to get good amplification.
Both elements are completely shock-mounted, a top quality omni-directional element is positioned in the mid position to pick up al the notes equally.
A double mike preamp (pictured on the right) is included: it mixes both elements in the right way. You can adjust the mix, the levels and the tone of both elements to your personal taste.


condenser microphone 
Polar pattern  cardioid uni directional
Frequency response  50-20.000 Hz.
Sensitivity at 1 kHz 8mV/Pa +/- 2,5 dB
Output impedance at 1kHz 1 kOhm
Signal to Noise ratio >64 dB.
Max Sound pressure level 135 dB at 1% THD
9V or phantom power 48-52V
Output XLR 1x
condenser pressure microphone
Polar pattern omni directional
Frequency response 20-20.000 Hz.
Sensitivity at 1 kHz 10 mV/Pa +/- 2.5 dB
Output impedanceat 1kHz 1.5 kohm
Signal to Noise ratio 58 dB
Max Sound pressure level 125 dB at 1% THD
Powering 9V battery
Current-consumption 150mA 
Output XLR 1x