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The freest sounding ligature ever made. Voted #1 ligature made by 'The Sax' magazine. It has only three points of contact with the mouthpiece allowing for incredible resonance.  And with the five pressure plates included you can dial in the sound to be bright, very dark, or anywhere inbetween.

  • Includes an alive gold, pure titanium, stainless steel, vintified and heavy copper pressure plates and a Theo Wanne screwdriver to change out the pressure plates.
  • Sizes that fit most mouthpiece types and manufacturers. SIZE CHART
  • Fits our Pressure Plate Kit to fine tune your sound from dark to bright.
  • Includes a Reed Replacer Cap!
KALI Tenor HR  
Enlightened Ligature Sizing Chart Pic Enlightened Ligature Setup Instructions Pic
Enlightened Ligature Sizing Chart

The Enlightened Ligature comes in sizes to fit many mouthpieces. Please use the above chart to find out which size fits your mouthpiece.
Enlightened Ligature Set-Up Instructions

The above instructions detail how to use your Enlightened Ligature.


“I am truly amazed how well this ligature works! My volume and control become more manageable and my tone much more in-line with what I have been trying to achieve for quite a time.” -  Brian Mitchell Brody


"As a professional clarinet player I must say this is the best ligature I have ever played. Everyone I know is switching to it."


"The freest playing ligature I have ever tried...and I feel like I have tried them all! I love it!"


"The enlightened ligature is the best ligature made. That is why I want to carry them in all our stores!"


"The difference the enlightened ligature makes is really shocking! It's like pulling a sock out of the bell of my horn."


"The Sax" Magazine rated the Enlightened Ligature #1 in the world when testing all available ligatures in the market:

“The Enlightened Ligature has a very quick response, even when equipped with a heavy reed plate. I feel like I can express myself naturally. It has a wide range of dynamics and its articulation clearly responds. The design is very simple and cool looking. The feel of the reed-plate structure is wonderful. The Theo Wanne Enlightened Ligature had the best rating and was my favorite to play."

Full Article (pdf)

"The Enlightened Ligature is terrific! It helps control the sound, but still allows the mouthpiece to vibrate without choking it off." -Rick Kessel publisher for SBO, MMR, JAZZed, Choral Director


'The Sax' Magazine rated the Enlightened Ligature #1 in the world when testing all available ligatures in the market.