LCM 110LP Violin incl LP preamp

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LCM 110 for Violin

The LCM110 from SD Systems reaches the highest level in violin miking for both classical and pop music. Due to the smoothly balanced frequency response and the omni-directional characteristics of the element, you get an optimal natural sound performance. The holder fits in the hole of the tailpiece and works as a fine-tune mechanism, in order to get a shock mount hang up. It will not harm any part of the violin either. The swan neck is easy to adjust, so that you can direct the mic to the part of the violin that you prefer for your personal sound. It's standard supplied with a line level mic preamp.
The LCM110 can be combined with the BS-2 Blender and PU-2 piezo. (See LCM100)


Flat frequency response: 20-20.2000Hz.
Thin goose-neck
Very small and high-end capsule
Shockfree mounted on tail piece
Cannot hurt expensive violins!
LP preamp included (with line-level output)