Pressure Plate Set

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Create an incredible new sound utilizing our new line of pressure plates.  The variations in your tone will astound and delight you!


This 4 Piece Pressure Plate Set includes:

  • Vintified: [dark] Warm and dark tone with wonderful color, overtones, and core to the sound.
  • Titanium: [bright] Big, bold, open, free and fully alive sound with tons of character. Titanium has extremely resonant qualities which produce a lot of overtones.
  • Stainless Steel: [bright] Vibrant and alive industrial sound. The heavy metal tone!
  • Heavy Copper: [dark] Smooth, warm, round, and very dark tone. 
All pressure plates fit all Theo Wanne™ mouthpieces.


“Your pressure plates really work wonders. They allow for great experimentation in determining how to find my sound.  I was previously going crazy because my cane reeds would not play.  After switching to your pressure plates my cane reeds all play with no special effort of any kind.  I am still laughing about it because I was previously so frustrated with them.  I am so excited about all the options I now have that I told my wife, “I really love this guy” (in a saxophone players kind of way).   You brought back a joy and excitement to my playing that I thought I would never have!” - Mike NYC


 “The pressure plates each have their own noticeable characteristic and adds to the total possibilities within each mouthpiece.” John C


“I’m very skeptical of anything…but your pressure plates really make a huge difference in the sound I get from my saxophone.   Up until a couple years ago I wouldn’t have even believed it. I use the titanium for R&B and contemporary work.  If I use the titanium for the straight-ahead stuff…I just blow the band away; the Vintified gets the perfect sound for my straight ahead work. Your pressure plates are really unbelievable!” - Adriaan Van Niekerk


“I am amazed at the difference your pressure plates make.  If I really need that thin, bright sound of the early sax instrumentals (like Duanne Eddy's Rebel Rouser, etc) I now use the stainless steel plate.” – Ace Barton


"Your pressure plates are really unbelievable! They make a huge difference in the sound I get from my saxophone.