AMBIKA Tenor Metal Saxophone Mouthpiece

AMBIKA Tenor Metal Saxophone Mouthpiece
AMBIKA Tenor Metal Saxophone Mouthpiece
AMBIKA Tenor Metal Saxophone Mouthpiece
AMBIKA Tenor Metal Saxophone Mouthpiece
AMBIKA Tenor Metal Saxophone Mouthpiece
MSRP: $1,035.00 USD
$775.00 USD

Mouthpiece Cap for Use with Reed On - $7.95 (details)
Mouthpiece Care Kit: Gold, Nickel and Hard Rubber - $19.95 (details)
Pressure Plate Set - $44.95 (details)

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 The AMBIKA is our darkest mouthpiece. It has a deep, hauntingly gorgeous tone that only poetry can describe.

Our TRUE Large Chamber (much like the vintage mouthpieces of the 1940s but technically superior due to our patent-pending machining technology) ensures an even warmer and fatter sound than the great classics of yesteryear.

The AMBIKA is a great classic jazz mouthpiece with a true vintage sound. Its incredible fat and full sound will engulf you and your audience!

The AMBIKA has no baffle at all. Amazingly, with its HUGE chamber and NO baffle, it is not stuffy or thin. If you like the vintage New York Otto Link sound, then your will love the AMBIKA.


  • Built to outplay Theo's very best Vintage New York Tone Master  and Master Link Otto Link. Theo succeeded!!!

  • The perfect Classic Jazz mouthpiece, with a deep and haunting sound best left to poetry. Hauntingly dark!


  • No baffle design, yet still projects wonderfully.

  • Huge True Large Chamber like its 1940’s brethren, but manufactured with precision only previously dreamed of.



  • Revolutionary True Large Chambers - Huge!

  • Patented, state-of-the-art, interior design with rounded inner side walls.

  • Finish: Reticulated 24K Gold with vintage black highlights (standard) and Vintified (special order).

  • Serial Number: Includes specific run and individual mouthpiece number.

  • Pressure Plates: Includes both Alive Gold and Heavy Copper pressure plates and a precision screwdriver.

  • Ligature: Includes our patented integrated two-point contact Liberty Ligature and a precision hex-driver.

  • Cap: Patented Reed Replacer Cap. The most secure cap in the world.

  • Bite Pad: User replaceable bite pads with varying hardness.

“Wow...that´s it!! No kidding: This mouthpiece is just fantastic: Very colorful, dark and fat even when it´s getting played soft, big, big low tones, the highs don´t get thin, absolutely perfect! The playability is great, the sound is really haunting, you didn´t promise too much!” Joerg Kaufmann

“You haven't scored a home run with the New AMBIKA and GAIA, you've hit a grand slam! I am totally blown away by them. Both the new AMBIKA and the GAIA seriously kick! It's time I start selling off my quite large collection of mouthpieces.” -Doug Moffet

“The AMBIKA takes me to heaven every time I play the saxophone. I just can’t take this mouthpiece out of my mouth anymore! Thanx so much for your talent, vision and skills!” -Frank

“My first reaction was "Why ... this is haunting!" I have never heard this in a mouthpiece before. It truly has a distinct deepness that is lovely. Great lows that just flow out. Clear altissimo. Great intonation. Reed friendly. Deeper, fuller and darker than my Goldbecks with much better range. I can ‘feel’ the mouthpiece which allows me to control my tone and projection more. So ... looks like I have a keeper! Is it worth the $$$??? I sure could have saved a lot more than I have spent on the AMBIKA if I had found it sooner!” -William

“The AMBIKA produces the warmest, fullest sound I have gotten with any mouthpiece. Yes, even haunting. Intonation is there, it's easy to play and I don't have to struggle with the horn. I was able to lay back and just focus on what I was trying to do. The proof is in the sound.” -Joe

“The AMBIKA has a beautiful Fat, Dark tone. Quite like Grossmans tone of the last 15 years. If you are looking for Lush, but still with power, then this is what you are after.....reminds me of the best BD Hollywood that I've ever played!!” -Simon

“I recently bought an AMBIKA and although I did initially have some trepidation about the price I am hugely pleased that I did. It has a full rich dark tone (similar to the Otto Link NY) and is easy blowing. The lowest notes are particularly easy with this beautifully crafted mouthpiece." -Tony K

“Theo Wanne mouthpieces truly are THE new standard in tone production for the saxophone. I consider Theo a true genius at what he does, in that he has found a parallel approach at achieving a vintage sound--not by simply copying great mouthpieces, but rather studying the concepts of sound production and finding his own unique approach to producing a superior sound. Theo, thank you for your artistry and commitment to furthering our art, because we can’t do what we do otherwise. I just have to say what an honor it is to be able to be involved in the promotion of Theo Wanne mouthpieces.” -Mark Hynes

"I just played 10 hours and I still can't believe the Ambika. I feel like I am wrapped in a warm cocoon playing with my daughters in mind. It is my love for them which plays!!! -Oliver R.

“The AMBIKA was a total experience. Having no baffle and coming in a 6*, I was expecting it to be dull with little projection. To the contrary, it played with a tone a la the Texas Tenors of old. It had tremendous range and flexibility.” – Paul Harr Paul Haar (JazzTimes Magazine September 2009 Review)


SOUND - The perfect Classic Jazz mouthpiece, with a deep and haunting sound.

STYLE - Built to outplay Theo's very best Vintage New York Tone Master and Master Link Otto Link. Theo succeeded!!!

DESIGN - No baffle, yet still projects wonderfully.