Ligatures, Caps & Pressure Plates

 Theo’s new ligature is truly revolutionary. It has only three points of contact with the mouthpiece allowing for incredible resonance.  It also utilizes the  best pressure plate system in the world. Building on his incredible knowledge of both ...

Liberty Ligature

 The Liberty ligature fits all Theo Wanne metal tenor saxophone mouthpieces. Its unique design holds it securely in place even during reed and cap changes. This fixed position, however, is adjustable to other fixed positions along the mouthpiece...

Pressure Plate Set

 Create an incredible new sound utilizing our new line of pressure plates.  The variations in your tone will astound and delight you! This 4 Piece Pressure Plate Set includes:Vintified: [dark] Warm and dark tone with wonderful color, overtones, an...

Mouthpiece Cap for Use with Reed On

 The Theo Wanne™ cap for use with the reed attached. This is great for doublers or those needing a cap while playing on the bandstand.  All Theo Wanne™ mouthpieces come with our Reed Replacer Cap with protects the mouthpiece in storage and when tr...

Reed Replacer Cap

 The new Theo Wanne Reed Replacer Cap (patent pending) is held to the mouthpiece by the ligature itself. A portion of the cap extends under the ligature just like a reed would. Preserve your reed and truly protect your mouthpiece at the same tim...

Screwdriver: Phillips for Pressure Plate Screw

Use this precision screwdriver to replace the pressure plates on all Theo Wanne ligatures. (Included with pressure plate, conversion screw, pressure plate set, metal mouthpiece, Enlightened Ligature and Liberty Ligature orders).

Screwdriver: Hex Driver for Liberty Ligature Set Screw

 Use this precision hex driver on all Liberty Ligatures. (Included with all our metal mouthpiece and liberty ligature orders).

Dove Tail Screw for Liberty Ligature

 This dove tail set screw is used to attach the Liberty Ligature to a Wanne mouthpiece body.(Two of these screws are included with all our metal mouthpiece and liberty ligature orders).

Screw: For Pressure Plate onto Ligature - 10 Pieces

This pressure plate screw is used to attach a Wanne pressure plate to a Liberty and Enlightened ligature thumb screw.(One of these screws is included with all our metal mouthpiece and liberty ligature orders).