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We make the world's highest quality and most innovative woodwind products. May our products help you access and express your deepest brilliance and inspiration. In turn, may that brilliance and inspiration reach the rest of the world!

Theo Wanne's passion for creating the best musical products in history, combined with superior technology, has resulted in the most advanced saxophone ever made. Theo learned from the very best vintage horns and then applied that knowledge to modern manufacturing technologies. 'The MANTRA' saxophone is the next leap in saxophone evolution, integrating 30 saxophone innovations!

MANTRA Tenor Saxophone

MANTRA Soprano Saxophone

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Theo Wanne makes the highest quality and most innovative woodwind mouthpieces and accessories in the world, bar none!





Theo Wanne makes the most innovative saxophone mouthpieces and accessories in the world. Our mouthpieces and accessories have raised the bar and set a new standard for quality and functionality. Driven by the woodwind genius of Theo Wanne, our company thrives on creating new innovations for the good of musicians across the globe.

Ligatures, Pressure Plates, Caps, Pads

Mpc Measuring & Refacing

Mouthpiece and Reed Cases

Posters and Stickers